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Established in 2006 by JD Musik has quickly become  the Premiere LIVE DJ with Music & Lighting for all types of Special Events in San Diego County.
That didn't happen by chance. We've earned our reputation for being "THE BEST in TOWN" by putting our customer’s needs and expectations first and foremost, and then exceeding  both of them with the professional quality of our services.
We cater to the needs of the event and have several production packages to choose from. Everything from the extravagent to the  more budget minded.  
We Get The Party Started.  And then we keep it going until the lights & music go out... It's why you hired us and it's what we do.
Our equipment... STATE OF THE ART digital technology that we continue to upgrade in order to stay current and relevant in the industry.
JD MUSIK's goal is to enhance your event by creating a musical sound-scape that will help set the desired tone and mood.  The music we play does have a purpose and that purpose is... FUN! We know why you hired us, and we're going deliver that.
At JD MUSIK, we feel HONORED to be witness to some of the most important and personal moments in the lives of our clients. The memories from these events will last a lifetime. We understand our role in helping to create those memories. We know how important our job is to the overall success of any event we’re a part of. We take that responsibility VERY SERIOUSLY.





     San Diego, California USA


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